Electromedical devices

Mio-Care Tens
(10001 M/C TENS - Iacer)

Mio-Care Tens is the best-selling electrotherapy device for pain treatment. It offers 20 programs.

(10006 - Iacer)

Mio-Ionotens is the electrostimulator dedicated to iontophoresis, a technique that employs direct current to introduce medications into the area of pain or muscle contraction.

Compressed air aerosol and nasal shower
(10738 - Colpharma)

AIR 10 THERAPY is a high-intensity compressed air aerosol therapy system and nasal shower designed for the treatment of chronic conditions. Its medical design has been engineered to ensure proper comfort and maximum safety during the therapy.

I-Tech Pressotherapy
(10514 - Iacer)

Pressotherapy enhances proper venous circulation, alleviating muscle tension stemming from stress or chronic and acute pain. Thanks to its pumping action, it promotes venous return, increasing tissue perfusion and facilitating their proper physiological renewal.

Surgical aspirator
(AS01P00 - Flaem)

Professional surgical suction device, specifically designed for medical and surgical applications in hospitals, clinics, and outpatient settings. It is also suitable for home therapies for pharyngeal aspirations. The impact-resistant high-strength polymer structure ensures durability for heavy-duty applications, as well as easy transport due to its lightweight and the practical, sturdy integrated handle.

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