Orthopedic support

Three-point hyperextension orthosis
(C35 - Tiellecamp)

Rigid hyperextension brace with tilting pelvic band The rigid three-point hyperextension brace C 35 Basic is used in all cases where it is necessary to immobilize the spine.

Bivalved Air Stirrup Ankle Support
(8102-AL - Djo)

The bivalved ankle brace is indicated for an acute sprain of grades I, II, and III. For post-operative and post-cast use. For chronic ankle instability. For the functional treatment. The brace is available in one size and in both right and left versions.

Posture corrector
(576 - Pavis)

It keeps the spine upright, preventing forward inclination, and relieving excessive loads on the cervical musculature. The particular system of crisscrossing the two bands exerts a force on the dorsal musculature, the effectiveness of which increases proportionally to the tension applied to the velcro® closure band placed anteriorly on the abdominal wall.

Breathable knee support with spiral stays
(PHYLOETEK 60 - Fgp)

Brace designed for stabilizing the knee joint through compression of soft tissues, with a locally compressive pad around the rotula.

Tutore Walker

Walker braces are indicated for fractures to the foot or ankle. They provide conservative support in the postoperative period and for severe sprains, even in cases of significant damage to the soft tissues of the ankle or foot

Semirigid Lumbar Support CampONE
(537 F - Tirellecamp)

Thoracolumbar Semirigid Brace with Shoulder Straps. Each pelvic strap, consisting of elastic tensors and incorporating two paravertebral reinforcements, provides enhanced and more substantial stabilization of the spinal column.

Donjoy Knee Brace with Patellar Opening

Elastic knee brace with integrated bilateral flexible stays in the support, recommended for mild to moderate patellar injuries and postoperative use. Ambidextrous.

Knee orthosis with 20-degree immobilization.
(PR3 8107 - Ro+Ten)

Structure in soft foam with dual lining; Inner lining in sponge. Medial-lateral and posterior rigid rods in malleable lightweight alloy, positioned with a 20° flexion; Adjustable medial and lateral panels; Patellar opening; Washable.

Dynamic ankle orthosis
(Dyna Ankle - Ottobock)

Dyna Ankle is used for the treatment of ligament ruptures in the outer compartment but also finds excellent results in the treatment of injuries to the inner ligaments. Designed for functional treatment, the Dyna Ankle dynamic ankle orthosis maintains the foot in a slight pronation and dorsal extension.

Collare Bivalva Cervico-Dorsale
(MB190 - Ro+Ten)

Minerva bivalved cervico-dorsal collar with tracheal opening, thermomoldable, and with Velcro closure. Suitable for postoperative vertebral surgery, cervical-dorsal fractures, cervical spondylolisthesis, multiple disc pathologies, cervical-dorsal collapses on an osteoporotic and metastatic basis.

Height-adjustable bivalved cervical collar

Brace designed to limit the range of motion of the cervical spine. Adjustable with a patented ratchet system. Constructed from rigid plastic, the bivalve features padding with fabric coupled to open-cell monosponge on the inside and grippy velvet on the outside, all latex-free.

Wrist brace
(MANUGIB - Gibaud)

The product ensures wrist immobilization through a moldable palmar shell and three adjustable straps Guaranteed comfort, ergonomics, and ease of positioning Available in right and left versions.

Omoplus 2.0
(PR2-90080 - Ro+Ten)

Shoulder brace with fixed 10° abduction immobilization.

Molliter Optima Post-OP Shoe

Orthosis for managing compound metatarsal fractures, post-amputation toe rehabilitation, pre-surgical stabilization, toe fractures, and toe surgeries. Care for the unaffected foot in relation to the injured foot.

Back support for lower back pain

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